Joye Swan, Chair, PhD

Chair of Psychology


(818) 252-5151

PhD, Applied Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate School
MA, Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate School
BA, Psychology, California State University, Northridge


Professor Swan received her Doctorate in Applied Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate School.

Professor Swan's research focuses on sexual risk-taking in intimate relationships and sexual identity. Her most recent publication titles are: Monogamy, the protective fallacy:  Sexual versus emotional exclusivity and its implications for sexual health risk, published in the prestigious Journal of Sex Research. Heterosexuals do it with feeling:  Heterocentrism in college students' definitions of female heterosexuality and bisexuality, published in the Journal of Bisexuality. She also published ground-breaking research on the informed consent process in human subjects research which found that signing an informed consent form actually was a subtle form of psychological coercion for research participants. As much as research feeds her brain, Dr. Swan says teaching feeds her soul. She has spent almost her entire professional career at Woodbury where she relishes the opportunity to empower students to reach beyond everything they thought they could do. Dr. Swan is also a former three- term elected representative to the California State Democratic Party for the 42nd Assembly District.